Disclaimer: I don't want to talk Christmas on the 1st of November, but the beauty advent calendar industry want to talk Christmas in September, so for this I am sorry.

I don't know what it is about getting older, the magic of Christmas really does fade a little, and thus... I justified this jaw-droppingly stunning beauty advent calendar, to help me get into the spirit.
The beauty advent calendar competition has become very competitive these past few years with almost every brand releasing one. I personally have never bought into any, simply because I've been eyeing up the Liberty one for the past two-three years now. I thought it was about time I caved.
I'm not going to spoilt it too much for you (for myself) in this post, but it is filled with wonderful goodies from the likes of Diptyque, Le Labo and Votary I will be sharing the the daily delights over on my Instagram stories, from December 1st, so make sure you're following me @iamjesscoleman.
I tried to get this post up as quickly as possible in hopes that it will still be available (it's not), it sells out every year very quickly so be prepared next year if you missed out!

However, don't lose hope! Here are a few other luxury beauty advent calendars I'm lusting over as an alternative. 

DIPTYQUE Advent Calendar - £300?! Whoa! But major swoon.
Charlotte Tilbury 'Naughty & Nice Magic Box' - CT just screams Christmas for me!
Cowshed Beauty Advent Calendar - I had to convince myself not to buy this one. Cowshed just brings back memories of Soho Farmhouse, I wanted it. Badly.

*Be quick if you want to snag one of these calendars, they sell out fast!

J x

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