Oh Black Friday, I love and loathe you.

I've been super unorganised with Christmas this year, I'm usually always that person who has all her presents purchased and wrapped by early November.

Therefore, I don't usually partake it the 'Black Friday Extravaganza!' this year however, I did.

I was somewhat commendably sensible, allowing myself to fall into one trap... I'm looking at you Nailberry! But other than that, I was strong and stuck to purchasing gifts that were strictly on my 'to buy' list.

With so many affiliate links flying about, social media hauls and don't get me started on my damn email inbox! It is hard to stay focused when shopping the sales.

In a world of consumerism it's more important than ever, for me anyway, to be cautious about my purchases I use a little checklist to help me work out if the product will fit into my aesthetic/lifestyle.

WHAT is it? duhhh...right? But honestly, think about it. So it's another pair of boyfriend jeans? But you own five already? WHAT makes them different?

WHY do I want it? Do you want them because you saw a really hot girl wearing them on Insta? Because they're on sale? But you wouldn't look twice at them if they weren't? Do you want them because they 'spark joy' and you genuinely love them?

HOW will I work this into my life? Will this sixth pair of boyfriend jeans end up on your floordrobe with the other five pairs? OR Will you be waiting eagerly for them to come out of the wash so you can wear them again?

I feel like asking myself these questions helps me determine if I should go for the purchase, or if it's just some silly late night Asos impulse buy (we're all guilty).

P.S. That Nailberry order? 10 beautifully wearable shades for £45.00, which averages out at £4.50 per polish! (Usually £14.50) Waahoo! Sold out I'm afraid, but you can shop a couple of awesome similar deals here and here.

J x

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