I wasn't sure... I'm still not sure if posting this is a good idea, for a couple of reasons.

I just want to talk briefly about my skin history.
Up until the age of 20 my skin has always been near perfect. A little oily in the summer, a little dry in the winter, with very occasional spots around that time of the month. Life then was so easy right?!

I hit 21, I'm not sure what happened, I didn't change my routine in anyway (if anything I'd been eating a little healthier) but my skin went CRAZY. I developed I'd say moderate acne, mainly on my cheeks and forehead. I felt like I tried everything: every product, cheap, expensive. Every routine: changing my routine frequently, sticking to a routine for a long duration. Nothing worked. And to be honest, it really got me down. I didn't want to have to depend on full coverage foundations but I didn't feel confident enough to go without one.

And it's for this emotional reason that I'm a little hesitant to share my routine, I don't know what I'm doing with skin, I'm not qualified to tell anyone what to put on their face. For me, it was trial and error, and I really don't want somebody to read this post and think if they buy all the products that I use they will achieve the same result, because unfortunately, thats just not the case. The amount of money I've spent trying to mimic different acne suffers routines is ridiculous. And I totally get it. Acne, no matter how severe just puts a lot of us in a position of desperation.

I'm not saying these products won't work for you. Everyones skin is different (truly) and you have to find what works for you. As I said, I'm not a pro when it comes to skincare, I've just found what works for me. I wish I could tell you why it works, in terms of ingredients and chemical reactions but honestly I have no clue. BUT the internet is a huge place and there are so many people that do have that advice and information,  the skin guru that is Caroline Hirons, her blog & YouTube is super informative and helpful.

If you're having skin problems, maybe not even acne but roseacea, eczema or maybe just occasional outbreaks all I can suggest to you is to remember the inescapable fact 'what works for somebody else may not work for you' and seek information from those who have a vast knowledge...

Maybe you're just here to have a nosey at the good stuff, onto my skincare routine.

Another reason I was slightly reluctant to share my routine... The products I use are not insane pricey (la mer, la prairie) but it's not crazy cheap either.

"You can't get good cheap skincare" MYTH. Have I been able to find a entire 'drugstore' routine that works for me? Honestly, I haven't. And so for that reason, no I don't enjoy spending so much on my routine, but for me... Some of these products have changed my life.

The cleanse
Currently: Charlotte Tilbury's Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser
This is the one step in my skincare routine that I don't swear by. I'm extremely unfaithful to my cleansers. I was using the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, I will at some point repurchase. It was a really great cleanser when I had bad acne, I was petrified to use anything else because it worked so well. Now that my skin is in much better condition I dabble in a different cleansers, as long as it removes my makeup effectively and doesn't aggravate my skin I'm good. Currently, I'm using 'Charlotte Tilbury's Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser', I like it. Could I live without it? Yes.

The game changing duo
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 
SKI-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 
Gulp. In amongst my desperation exploration I purchased this duo. I can't sing its praises enough, these two products have changed my skin forever. If you read the above essay, you'll know I don't know a lot about the science behind skincare. Unfortunately, I can't explain why these work in the magical way that they do. Having done a little research into the SK-II brand their usp seems to be Pitera, which is a combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. (The usual spiel), sounds a little gimmicky, but boy... does. it. work!

The 'how are you feeling?' step
Sunday Riley's U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil 
'How to remove acne scars' is something I was googling religiously as my skin started to get better I was left with not very nice scarring. Which in itself is really demotivating, it feels as if you've worked so hard only to be greeted by another hurdle. Sunday Riley has always been quite the cult blogger brand, which initially put me off. After trying many things, both chemical and natural I thought I'd give it ago. I don't like using this everyday. Hence the 'how are you feeling?' If my skin is feeling good I go ahead with this step, If my skin is feeling a bit groggy I tend to skip this step. Not that U.F.O aggravates my skin, quite the opposite. I just don't really like to put unnecessary things on my face when it's feeling fragile. This has definitely helped with my acne scarring, it's a slow burner but something I feel like I'll keep using for a long time.

The literal 'Magic Cream'
Charlotte's Magic Cream SPF15
Clue is in the name. Not only does it feel like I've gone and had a facial every evening my skin looks instantly transformed and rejuvenated. I'm pretty sure this is an all round goodie that I can suggest to most skin types, before trying Charlotte's magic cream I never got overly excited about moisturiser, it was probably my least favourite step, it's now my favourite. I use it day and night, and look forward to it every time!

Omorovicza - Queen Of Hungary Face Mist
I've switched up my routine a little now my skin has improved, I've added the Omorovicza - Queen Of Hungary Face Mist, which I am loving! I have May Lindstorm - The Jasmine Garden Facial Spray which was significantly more expensive, and I think I love the Omorovicza more. Though, I haven't yet used the May Lindstorm on my much clearer skin, so I'm excited to retest.

Sarah Chapman Hydrating Booster
I thought it was about time I added some serum into my life, I'm enjoying the hydrating booster, I think we need a little longer to confirm. I will keep you updated.

Kiehl's Dark Spot Corrector
Like I mentioned earlier, bad acne = bad scaring, which is almost as much fun as acne itself. I feel like I've come so far on this journey only to be quite literally slapped in the face by a ton of scars. I've been using Sunday Riley's U.F.O oil, and it has been working but I'm really looking for a faster fix. I'm pretty sure I've found it. I've only been using this a week or so, but I've noticed a change! Hurray! Again, it's early days, but it's looking like a winner.

Et voila!

That is my skincare routine.

J x


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