The £45.00 eyeliner you can't live without

I wanted to hate it.

TOM FORD Eye Defining Pen: £45.00 is a crazy amount to spend on a liquid liner,  bare in mind you can purchase a drugstore liner for around £5.00 and a 'luxury' liner for around £25.00, Tom Ford is outta control!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit, I will repurchase this eyeliner over and over, and I think you should too.

What makes this so special?
Ok, so let's get the negatives out of the way. Along with the hefty price tag, it's not the blackest of blacks - Tom Ford, you need to work on this.

But everything else about this liner is perfection.

It's double ended, both ends are ridiculously precise. I use the thicker end the majority of the time because it's so fool proof I feel confident with it, the other end is perfect for inner corners and neatening up the flick.

'Cost per wear': I purchased this pen over a year ago, I've been using it almost daily and it hasn't dried out, still applies beautifully and lasts all day. I'm contemplating ordering a backup because I dread the day that it finally packs in on me.

Why it's such a game changer, the most defining point for me: Winged eyeliner takes seconds.

I'm not the best at winged liner, it used to take me a few attempts and often I'd walk out the door looking like a panda. I've tried all different liners which are supposed to make winged eyeliner easier, but this is by far the best.

I don't think I remember quite how hard I found winged liner because the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen makes it so easy and painless, literally. Seconds.

The price is the only real downfall, but it's a little bit of practical luxury and I couldn't be without it.

J x


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