How to be Constantly productive.

Ever been scrolling through your timeline and then check the time? You've been scrolling your Insta feed for an hour?! Whaaaat? (I really hope that's not just me.)

I'm sure there's something more productive that you can be doing with your time. For me it's all about negotiating and keeping my brain happy but stimulated.

So if I want to spend an hour scrolling through my timeline, great do that, but as a content creator myself, I turn that into something a little more productive. Maybe get a notebook and take some notes:
- inspiration
- things I see that are done badly
- things I see that are done great
- bloggers I could connect with
- potential readers I could connect with etc. etc.

And if you're not a blogger this way of thinking can work too.

The Apprentice is on a 9pm (I think) so why do you need to watch TV from 8pm? You don't even like that program, you're just waiting for the Apprentice to come on! Why don't you spend 30 minutes doing some exercise, then (as a reward) spend 30 minutes showering, put a face mask on and get all cosy ready to enjoy your show, knowing you've spent that excess time that you could be sat around actually doing something productive.

Lately I've really been making a conscious effort to challenge my brain and question why I'm procrastinating and how I could be better spending my time.

I feel like a lot of people don't have any things that they particularly want to learn or self-develop because they think that they don't have any spare time to do these things. But if you chose a couple things that you'd like to do in your spare time (For me it's learning Italian and getting better at Yoga). You will surprise yourself with just how much spare time you really have when you catch yourself scrolling your Twitter for half an hour, or watching TV because your favourite show will be on soon, or just general procrastination.

Give it a try, let me know how it works for you. How often do you think you procrastinate? What are you going to do instead?

J x

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