Can you really call yourself a blogger if you don’t have that Ganni jumper?

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, to be honest I’ve been in a little bit of a rut and so have been frantically looking for inspiration. I’ve been a little confused about where to position myself in the ‘blogging community’. 

I really love talking about product and clothes and shoes etc. but I’m not sure I want me blog to as heavily product based as I originally thought. There are so many people making fantastically beautiful imagery showcasing product and to be honest, although I enjoy it from a viewers perspective, it doesn’t excite me to create it. I’m not going to spend my life doing something that doesn’t excite me. 

So, maybe I’ll do more of a talky type thing from now on… I still love talking product and fashion, but maybe with a little bit more of a personal twist. 

It’s too easy these days to get suckered into promo driven content, not that thats necessarily a bad thing, I’m definitely up for writing about things I love, who wouldn’t be? 

But as I sit here compulsively checking the tracking on my late night Harvey Nic’s order, I can’t help but feel like sometimes blogging takes the magic out of item. It’s purchased, blogged about and then put away, only to sink to the bottom of the wardrobe and never be seen until next seasons charity shop run. 

What I’m trying to say is I’d like to go back to the days where blogging was more about text and less about consumerism, I saw a blog post the other day ‘how to be a blogger when you’re broke’ or something along those lines, seriously? Have we really reached the point where you can’t be a fashion blogger if you don’t have new season Jimmy Choo’s. I miss the days of talking about a pair of jeans you purchased 6 years ago, or even god forbid talking about something you don’t own. 

...And that’s something I’m going to test out over here. 

But don’t worry, I’ll most certainly be sharing that late night order.

J x

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