I fell into Chanel

I went in for a nail polish. I came out with three, a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette. Oh Chanel my bank loathes you.

Let's talk about the main event... Candeur Et ExpĂ©rience. Let me just warn you, if you want this pallet move quick. It's from the Autumn 2016 Collection, it sold out quickly and after trying to get my hands on it for the past 6 months, I believe they may possibly have re-released it?

Not interested? Let me convince you.

This is the first all matte palette Chanel has released and I adore every. single. shade. 

The main attraction is of course the dusty red shade, it has enough brown undertone to stop you looking dead or ill but has enough red to make you look somewhat editorial (if you so wish) it's stunning.

The other three shades are just beautiful inoffensive but easily workable everyday browns. Not to be underestimated. Although matte, these have a way of not looking flat on the eye and they last all day.

I have a really sick addiction to asking the Chanel counter girls what they're wearing on their lips and quickly following up with 'I'll take it!'

This was no exception.

I feel like I don't give Chanel lipsticks enough credit. I'm never really blown away and usually just buy on a whim, but I always somehow find myself reaching for them time and time again. I think this is down to the shades being so easy to wear and the fabulous texture!

Rouge Charnel is from their Velvet Luminous Matte collection and to be honest with you it's an extremely odd feeling. They're matte, but very very moisturising, almost to the point of being a little disturbing.

I'm totally a matte girl. My lips are forever dry from wearing MAC mattes and liquid lipsticks so to wear a matte and it feel as creamy came as a shock... but great news for my lips.

This is a basic bitch red, I love it.

Let's talk briefly about the nail polishes...

They exhaust me.

Being notoriously bad at having the worst staying power ever. Chanel has seemly answered our prayers and released a new formula of Longwear polishes.

The colours are stunningly beautiful and I think they're one of the best for that, granted. However... since the "Longwear" collection has been released instead of lasting 2-3 hours, they now last 8-9? Which for a £40.00 nail polish is pretty shitty.

I purchased the top coat out of pure laziness (I couldn't be bothered to go to another counter, I'm judging myself so feel free). I've tried these polishes with all types of base and top coats. I can never get longer than 24 hours.

I'm banning myself from purchasing any more. That's a lie.

I will try and not purchase any more?

As for everything else 10/10 Chanelo!

J   x

Psst! Shop the post.
Eyeshadow: Candeur Et ExpĂ©rience
Lipstick: Rouge Charnel
Nail Polishes (From right to left): Pirate, Top CoatEspadrilles 


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