Buying luxury and the bullshit that comes with it...

Unfortunately I didn't grow up lucky enough to inherit my mothers vintage Chanel and Hermes collection, that wasn't the kind of upbringing I had. I didn't grow up with nothing, but I did have a rather modest childhood. I'm not sure why I originally gravitated towards magazines like Vogue and Tatler, but once the addiction started it didn't stop.

I was around 13, I would be given £5 for lunch, I would purchase the cheapest thing possible in the school canteen and with the leftover money I'd pick up a copy of Vogue or Tatler on the way home *sorry Mum & Grandma, as Carrie Bradshaw said: "I felt it fed me more."

That's where it all started really, I have always preferred quality over quantity and have always been fascinated with "luxury" items.

But with "luxury" comes the bullshit...

I'm talking judgement.

We all have our addictions, smoking, drinking, cocaine. Mine is my wardrobe. I always find it incredibly upsetting when others are so judgemental regarding high end shopping. So you like to go clubbing every weekend, or you like to smoke like a chimney and you spend a great deal of money enjoying those things, great! Do you! But when I buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik's I'm a total idiot that has no concept of real life or money?

For so many years this kind of mentality has really put a dampener on wanting to share and celebrate any of my higher end purchases, and really thats f*cking bullshit.

If you work hard, pay your bills surely whatever's left should be for you to do what you want with, non? THIS kind of mentality is what my blog will be based on, it's not all going to be Prada and Chanel (I wish!) But when it is, I'm not sorry.

So welcome.

J x

Psst! Shop the look.
Trainers: Gucci
Socks: Gucci
Bag: Cecilia Ma

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