Truffle Carbonara - Cook with me!

This is a recipe for the best Carbonara you will ever eat...

What you'll need...

The pasta...
100g per person 00 grade pasta flour
1 regular hens egg for every 100g of flour
Pinch of truffle salt (regular salt is fine)

The Carbonara sauce...
30g truffle
Guanciale (Please do make the effort to find this, Pancetta or Bacon really won't work as well)
Truffle Pecorino (again, regular Pecorino will do fine)
6 Quail's eggs (Use these whole, separating the yolk is fiddly, life is too short)
Parmesan crisp to garnish (Easy peasy to make! Basically fried grated parmesan)

The process...

The pasta...

1. Make a volcano shape with the flour and create a small well, add eggs to the well. Begin whisking the eggs, add a pinch of salt while incorporating the flour. Once the eggs are incorporated begin kneading the dough. (I added a splash of water at this point, do the same if your dough is dry).

2. Begin working the dough for around 15 minutes, you'll know when it's ready because it'll become smooth and elastic. 

3. At this point you'll want to rest the dough for at least 30 minutes. Easy right?!

4. Once your dough has rested, separate your dough into sections and begin feeding the dough through the machine, gradually increasing the thinness. If you don't have a pasta machine you can roll  the dough out with a rolling pin.

5. Cut the dough into thin strips lengthways. *I need practice at this!

6. Hang the pasta to dry… 

The Carbonara sauce… 

1. Fry off the Guanciale. Guanciale is cured pork cheek, so it's very fatty. Make sure you render the fat and make it crispy! (essential). Drain and reserve the oil that comes off the Guanciale, we will add this to the pasta sauce. Also, set aside a few extra pieces of Guanciale for topping. 

2. Add the Quail's eggs and a handful of (30/70) Pecorino & Parmesan into a bowl. 

Traditionally Roman Carbonara is made with Pecorino cheese, however I find that the saltiness of the Guanciale and the Pecorino combined with the cheesiness of the parmesan works even better and allows for a more balanced flavour.

cont. Whisk together, you should be looking for a thick creamy consistency, it should however be thin enough to pour. If it’s too thin, add more cheese. If it’s too thick add an egg. Don’t worry! :-)

3. Time to cook your pasta! Put your pasta into a salted pan of boiling water. Note: Fresh pasta cooks QUICKLY, keep an eye. It should take no more than 2 minutes.

Time to combine - Move quickly!

4.  Add pasta to the Guanciale pan, use tongs rather than draining the pasta (we want a little pasta water in the pan to create a sauce.) 
* Don't mix too vigorously, you will lose precious Guanciale as I did! (The three second rule does NOT apply, even to worktops... not ok)

5. Transfer pasta to the egg and cheese mixture. Mix well. Pour in that reserved Guanciale oil. Mix this in too... (obviously)

Time to plate… Almost eat!

6. Plate pasta, top with more cheese, Guanciale and grate COPIOUS amounts of truffle (more is more, don't be shy). Add parmesan crisp… And here's one I made earlier ;)

Enjoy! (Thank me later)

J x


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